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T:    01692 538567

M:  07706 471328


Tricia Francis Pottery, 16 Scottow Row, Scottow, Norwich NR10 5DR


Tricia has been a full time potter since 1980 making functional hand thrown earthenware. For 27 years she had a workshop and shop in a large tourist attraction only leaving recently to work from home. 

Tricia's work has been through many evolutions over the years but the one constant has been a fascination with the functional. Making pots that can be used every day or have  a place in a special occasion is enormously satisfying and Tricia's enjoyment in making pots with a purpose never diminishes. 

Presently Tricia is making two differing styles of work. The terracotta turned ware she has been making for some time and a new range of white earthenware inspired by working on a 60 year old kick wheel.

She also makes a range of house name plates.

Visitors are very welcome to visit the workshop but do phone first.

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