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Kiln Fused Glass

T:   01603 270455

M:  07990 790257



Sheila Gates - Fused glass

I find most of my inspiration in the natural world around me. Sometimes I will embark without a plan and other times I will work to a theme or brief. Using my previous skills as a graphic designer I try to create unique glass objects, employing traditional skills to create hand drawn platters, plates, dishes and coasters.

My work is not 'blown' glass but 'kiln fused' glass. Each piece is constructed cold then fired in a glass kiln to fuse the materials together.


No two pieces are the same. There are no rules and no boundaries with this material, just hours of creative enjoyment. I work mainly using English float glass and often use old 'found' glass to give the material a new lease of life.


The company who supplied my coloured sheet glass went into liquidation a few years ago and I've been unable to find a new source. I am now experimenting with glass enamels that I apply to the surface of clear glass to create various effects. By firing numerous times, I am able to build up an image which appears to have a range of shades and textures.


My most recent work is inspired by our guinea fowl flock - done entirely using enamels on clear float glass.  

  • The Studio @ Burlingham Hall
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