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27 Church Street, Coltishall,

Norwich NR12 7DJ

Sevanti Roy - Textiles
Sevanti Roy - Textiles

I am an artist, textile designer and a block printer, working under the name Sevanti Designs. A lifelong fascination with ancient wood block printing

lies at the heart of my work.


I specialise in Mud resist hand block printing and Indigo dye, which is an ancient technique. The first mud resist fragment was found in an Egyptian tomb which came to Egypt through trade roots from India. It gives a unique printed result which can't be achieved by any other methods.


The technique is completely environmentally friendly and good for nature. The printing process is completed in three steps: printing with mud; dipping in indigo and finally washing off the mud to reveal the printed design on the textile. 


I work from my own drawings to create original designs, employing ancient techniques to produce contemporary textiles for home and fashion. 

  • Sevanti Roy - Textiles
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