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Paperworks & Textiles

T:   01603 619583

M: 07816 892258

1 Old Library Mews,

Norwich NR1 1ET

Prue Dobinson Paperworks & Textiles
Prue Dobinson Paperworks & Textiles

Inspired by the Norfolk environment, I enjoy working with natural materials that have a history, creating ‘new’ from ‘old’ and playing with the ideas generated by the tensions of life’s cycles. Photography underpins my working process and I also offer workshops in dyeing and papermaking.


My recent work is the outcome of several traditional craft skills in using natural dye to colour cloth and paper and I also make textured paper from plants.


I have developed a range of colours for individually dyed hangings, scarves and cushions - ‘Norfolk Naturals’ - by combining indigo from Norfolk-grown woad, with other dyes extracted, for example, from daffodil flower, berberis bark, ivy and iris leaf.


I also work with textiles.

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