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T:    01953 788594
M:  07770 497894


Jill Sharpe - Textiles
Jill Sharpe - Textiles

I have worked with textiles all my life. I love their huge variety of textures and patterns and the infinite possibilities of constructing with them.

For many years I worked as a dressmaker and gradually developed an interest in patchwork and quilting. This has become refined into my work in stitched textile wall hangings. My work is informed by the world around me and aspects of the sea and landscape are an abiding source of inspiration.


I am interested in exploring the tensions and conflicts that occur in many situations and finding my own way to respond to them. I enjoy developing a variety of surface treatments to interpret my ideas and use thread as line to accent and augment surfaces.


I love working with colour and am influenced by the work of Henri Matisse and David Hockney and the diversity of Gerhard Richter. The textile work of Pauline Burbage and Jo Budd are also influences.


I use both hand and machine techniques both to piece work and to work into the surface. Working mostly in silks and sometimes in cotton I often dye and paint my own fabrics to create the exact colours and effects that I require.

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