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T:   01692 581095
M: 07887 555924



Windermere, St Johns Road, Stalham,
Norfolk NR12 9BE


Dennis works with locally grown sycamore, holly, ash and maple; the white woods offer a natural canvas on which to incorporate a wide range of finishing techniques. He uses turned, carved, textured surfaces finished with water soluble dyes and metal leaf to enhance the natural features of the wood to achieve a sympathetic balance of form and finish. His work includes fruit displays, sycamore dishes embellished with silver leaf, “wet turned” natural edge Holly bowls and wall plates of variegated leaf.


He is a member of the Suffolk Craft Society and on the Register of Professional Turners Work is sold through galleries, exhibitions and craft events.


Commissioned work has included; table centre fruit dishes, gilded bowls and anniversary wall plates.

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