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T:   07799677322


33 Magdalen Street,
Norwich, NR3 1LQ

Cindy Gidney - Basketry
Cindy Gidney - Basketry

I work with various natural fibres but my favourite is Raffia, an extraordinarily durable yet pliable plant material taken from the tropical Raphia Palm which has leaves up to 18 metres in length.

I create the vessels by traditional coiling or wrapping methods using the raffia as both the core and the thread. The shapes evolve organically and slowly by manipulating the strands and securing with meditative stitching techniques.

I have recently started working on a larger scale to create statement pieces.


My background is in Fashion, Textiles and Interiors.


I am a member of the Basket Makers Association.

  • Cindy Gidney
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