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As a Jewellery designer / Silversmith, I make ready to wear and bespoke Jewellery and Silverware at my West Norfolk workshop. 


I work with Sterling Silver as it has such a good combination of malleability and strength and each piece is individually hand wrought from either sheet or wire. This involves using a variety of hammers to manipulate the Silver to the required shape and is done either on Steel, Nylon or Wooden surfaces. Sometimes this involves re-shaping the hammers to give the required working profile, not only to shape the Silver but also to impart different textures to the surface. Finished Pieces can feature smooth or textured surfaces with highly polished or matte satin finishes.


From a design perspective, my work features clean, sinuous, fluid curves, inspired by a love of music and the forces of nature. I am also strongly influenced by the concept of contrast in it’s many forms. With this in mind I aspire to create well made, eye catching pieces that show originality and attention to detail.


I exhibit mainly at events in Norfolk and the South East but if you would like more details about my work, or you would like to discuss an idea for a commission (or an event) do get in touch or look me up.

  • Catherine Downes
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