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Ann Lamb Jewellery
Ann Lamb Jewellery

I work with silver, gold, enamel and gem stones to create nature inspired jewellery. All my pieces are designed and handmade by me in my home based "Silver Nature" studio at Red House.


Since graduating from college in graphic design and typography I have worked for many wildlife organisations in information and interpretation. I like to think, as an extension of this, that my jewellery can promote interest and caring towards nature. The challenge and the pleasure for me is to transform what I see in nature into a unique and special piece of jewellery to treasure.


I’m happy to undertake commissions and personalise my designs if required. I can always make adjustments to the length and size of necklaces and bracelets, modify earring fittings and adapt colours to suit.


I’m always planning and working on new designs, I never know what will catch my eye as a potential subject - at the moment it’s moths, turtle doves and hares. As I learn new techniques my range of work is evolving, I’m enjoying being able to add colour with enamels and gold with Keum Boo, and I’m currently furthering my skills with engraving. Gem stones are another way I’m adding sparkle and colour to my work, there’s so many to choose from; labradorite, tourmaline, garnet, peridot, chrysocolla, opals and amethyst to name a few.

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