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82 High Road, Wortwell, Harleston, Norfolk IP20 0EN

Jane Callender Textiles
Jane Callender Textiles

I am an indigo dyer and shibori artist.
Shibori is a resist dye technique and one of its most familiar motifs is created by the tie dye method. I always strive to retain something of the original appeal and excitement of traditional shibori by bringing elements of pattern and surface texture together whether I am working on an art textile piece or sampling stitch formats. I explore surface quality by using techniques which build constructional interest, or by choosing a fabric which has a unique appeal irrespective of the shibori technique I use. Dyeing with indigo predominantly I also use mineral and natural dyes. I am inspired by the natural world and the integrity of fabric, stitch and dye; the way of things and as I love pattern - geometry. 


I have written and illustrated two books and my website shows a selection of samples and illustrations from each.


2000 Pattern Combinations – a step by step guide to creating pattern 

Pub. Batsford Anova Books 2011. Japanese edition Bunka Shuppan 2013. Chinese edition Chinese Pictorial Publishing House 2019. 


Stitched Shibori Technique, Innovation, Pattern, Design 

Pub. Search Press 2017. French Edition Les Editions de Saxe 2018.


I teach both locally and internationally and more information can be found on my website. 

Visitors are welcome to my studio any time of year by appointment.

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