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T:   01263 587672



Foundry Hill Cottage, Corpusty Road, Wood Dalling, Norfolk NR11 6SD


Antje Ernestus makes individual studio pots, mostly in porcelain, with fluid celadon and wood ash glazes with copper red highlights.


Form is important and is kept simple and strong, often altered from the round and slightly asymmetrical. Employing both throwing and hand building techniques, finger markings and soft texturing give the work a rich tactile quality.


Multiple glaze layers are used to build up visual and physical depth on the white porcelain forms, playing with varied crackle patterns and flow marks that make each piece unique after its firing.

Pots are fired in a gas kiln to 1300 degrees (reduction).

Over a number of years Antje has carried out many experiments with high temperature glazes, wood ashes and field clays, materials she collects and processes herself.

“Firings are an important part of my working process, there is always something exciting to see and tests to consider when I open the kiln”.


Antje grew up in Germany near Cologne. In the UK since 1986, she studied Ceramics at Camberwell School of Art, London and works from her studio in North Norfolk.


Antje exhibits widely in the UK and is a Selected Member of the Crafts Potters Association UK, London. (


Visitors to the studio are welcome throughout the year, please

telephone ahead to arrange a suitable time. Tel 01263 587672

For exhibitions and events please check the Events section on this website.



The studio is situated near the villages of Corpusty and Saxthorpe. Holt and Aylsham are 8 miles away, Blickling Hall (NT) 6 miles, Blakeney and the North Norfolk coast 12 miles and Norwich 17 miles.

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